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As a speaker and coach I give training and presentations to companies, schools, (first aid) associations, foundations, scouting, etc. or other interested parties. Do you live “really” healthy? Is sugar really that bad? Prevention health, why? Do you go out a lot? I provide information about tick bites and Lyme disease. Below are several presentation options: (Click on the image for more information)

Presentation healthy lifestyle
Presentation diseases tick bites
Presentation functioning of the body


For companies I create a suitable and tailor-made trajectory about a healthy lifestyle. Offer employees awareness and provide tools to make a “change” where “necessary”. How is the health of your employees? I can map out health by means of a vitality test. And make a plan from there.

How is the absenteeism? How does a reintegration process work? If an employee is ill, you as a company have extra burdens and costs. I would like to have a no-obligation conversation with you to see together what the possibilities and needs are. We all want to be happy and healthy for as long as possible!

“Under the supervision of Lotte, we performed a health check, including a blood test. By means of a finger prick and a questionnaire, a lifestyle analysis was made of, among other things, vitamins, minerals, intolerances, stress, etc. A kind of MOT check for the body! The contact with Lotte went very smoothly, confidentially and adequately. She has given us a lot of lifestyle advice and she has made us aware of how our health is now. What we can change about our lifestyle so that we can go through life even more energetic, cheerful and fitter.

Alotz is highly recommended for your company, but also for yourself. A healthy lifestyle determines how you feel.” Review by Installation Company Loeffen, Nistelrode

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