Collaboration Lyme experts

Natalie Hijman

In my practice I treat complaints in a natural way according to Eastern and Western insights. My starting point is to stimulate the self-healing capacity so that your body can resolve the complaints itself and become healthy again. In this way you really heal and do not suppress symptoms.
To investigate the cause of complaints, I use various diagnostic tools such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, fatty acid measurement and live blood analysis. I specialize in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Specialisms : shiatsu therapy, orthomolecular nutritionist, balance method dr Tan, Chi Nei Tsang organ massage, Japanese acupuncture, Lyme recovery therapist, live blood analysis

Practice data: 

Rijsenburgselaan 11
3972EG Driebergen-Rijssenburg


Together we are a team with a lot of expertise in, among other things, recovery from Lyme disease.

Training Lyme recovery, Gerrie Haselaar

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