Who am I?

My name is Lotte (Verhoeven – van Nisselroy), married to Dennis and have two boys, a dog, canary, hamster and 6 chickens. A happy, enterprising family. We usually start the day with a long walk. Great to move sober outside in the light. Since 2017 I have been living in Nistelrode, a cozy and quiet village in Brabant.

Orthomolecular therapist, Lyme expert, Lifestyle, Speech therapist.

I worked with children as a speech therapist for 17 years and co-founded a language class for foreign children. Mainly experiences with voice, breathing, relaxation, speech, language, hearing and eating and drinking problems. It stays in my backpack so I can always grab it again.

In 2014 I changed course. I wanted to be fitter and feel better about myself. So my lifestyle under scrutiny and changing more and more. Exercise, other nutrition and supplementation with nutritional supplements. What a difference!

More and more people and animals are being bitten by a tick. As a result, you can develop Lyme disease, among other things. A terrible disease that is difficult to treat. For me, the challenge is to tackle the Lyme and the host in a natural way. (Have a look at the special Lyme page. )

In addition to speech therapy, I have done NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Orthomolecular therapy, Lyme recovery therapy and First Aid Homeopathy. So communication expert and therapist in the field of nutrition, lifestyle and Lyme disease. I look holistically at people. entirely on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels.

Together we will move towards a better you, so a better me!

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mailto: info@alotz.nl

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