What do I have to offer?
As a kind of detective, I will work with you to find out what the cause of the complaints may be. Think of fatigue, skin complaints, stomach ache, depression, burnout, poor sleep, hormonal problems, overweight and much more.

I believe that a complaint never has just 1 cause. That's also why nothing you've tried has worked so far. It is not just nutrition or exercise, it requires an "integral" approach. That means you have to get started with your nutrition and movement and stress and sleep. By tackling all these parts together in the right way and with the right help, you will feel better about yourself again. We will also check whether organs are out of balance or whether there is a vitamin/mineral deficiency.

If necessary, we can use various tests (including blood tests, urine/faeces tests, hair/saliva tests, etc.) to see if there is a specific cause for your complaints.

I coach people who want to “really” change something together. As a personal shopper, I can also “shop” together in the supermarket and give tips on which healthy products are better to buy and why. I also help with healthy recipes.

We start with an introductory meeting (free) and then an intake. Together we will come up with a feasible plan for you. We stick to that too and we're going to DO it!

I also use different trajectories and/or packages (even an online option!) that we enter into together. So no use of separate consultations. Changing an old pattern for a new pattern takes time. We want to achieve that change of the right lifestyle together!

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